About Us

You are beautiful no matter what shape you are!

At Meosbay we try to spread this message with succulents. All succulents & plants are different in shape and size, yet they are unique in themselves. 

This xerophytic plant symbolizes endurance and timeless love for they are tenacious plants that stores water in their leaves and stems. With a variety of options in colour, size, shape and species available.Nature created these living works of art that can grow in the most uninhabitable places on earth.They seem to have a healing essence about them and yet we can all enjoy them in our own backyards, on our decks or even in our homes.  

Meosbay has been born out of a passion for gardening, nature and everything in between. Finding these plants can be troublesome, but that’s not anymore, you don’t need to visit anywhere! Meosbay is your online plant & succulent store for all your gardening needs. Our future product line also includes succulent & plants gifting solution – why not a gift for life, one that last! 

All these plants are just a click away. With many offers and variety added every month, you can have your favourite pick.

We support plantation and green ecosystem with our heart and soul. With these motives we too encourage others to have healthy practises to conserve our environment and have healthy ecosystem for future.   

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